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What is a ceramic coating?

What is a ceramic coating?

A common question we receive is “what is a ceramic coating?” We receive this question often because of the unfortunate spreading of false information in regards to coatings. There are consumer grade and professional grade coatings and I am going to help clear up the confusion and help you understand what a coating actually is. 

A ceramic coating is a hardened layer of protection that is better than the clear coat it is being installed over top of. There are several companies out there that make legitimate and great products and others that label their product as a coating when it is in reality a sealant. We could get into the science and chemical make up, but I am not a scientist, nor will I pretend to be one. With that, I can discuss the benefits that a ceramic coating provides for you and your vehicle when it is installed by us.

For those who hate spending hours washing their vehicle, only to be dissatisfied with its look, a coating will cut down your wash time because of the self-cleaning properties. A coating creates a super slick surface that creates a contact angle where water sheets off your paint and also beads well. With this super slick surface, a rain storm will help knock off a majority of dirt and debris. This does not mean, however, that you will never have to wash your vehicle again. The coating will still need regular washing and upkeep to keep it looking its best. Cleaning times get cut in half though because of this super slick surface, which makes washing much easier and drying a breeze because water doesn’t want to stick to the surface! 

Our favorite feature of any coating is the gloss factor. Our coating packages come with a paint enhancement, which increases the paint’s shine and gloss before the coating is applied. We also offer paint corrections to help remove more defects in the paint, thus restoring it to as close to like-new as possible and reducing the damage in the paint. This damage is what causes your paint to appear dull and faded, which comes from the paint reflecting not refracting or absorbing the light to create that depth of gloss. 

The other main feature of a coating is it creates a sacrificial layer of protection. This does not mean that your car is now scratch proof. What this does mean is that with the coating being a sacrificial layer, if a mishap were to occur, it is much more likely that it can be fixed. It cannot keep scratches and damages from occurring, but the coating provides a hardened layer of protection if/when a minor mishap occurs. Coatings are also not rock chip proof, scratch proof. They are simply a better layer of protection than a normal wax or sealant. 

Lastly, there are several top coating brands out there; Gyeon, System X, IGL, Gtechniq and Optimum to name a few. More important than the brand of coating however is the company and installer of the coating that you choose to go with. The most important suggestion I can make is to do your research on the installer. This is where the true expertise comes into play. If the prep work for a coating is subpar, the coating will perform subpar. It then becomes a matter of finding the right installer, not necessarily the right coating brand. We personally back our coatings here at DePorter Detailing and take great pride in our work with providing the results that our customers are looking for with every service. We make sure your needs and concerns are taken care of, providing one on one guidance to finding the right service for you.

Please reach out if you have any questions in regards to coatings. If you are not within our service area, or are in other states we can help you find someone as we are connected nationally with other professional installers. 

Thank you for reading,

Wesley DePorter

DePorter Detailing LLC 

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