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What is a Paint Correction?

Paint correction is a process of removing clear coat to remove, or lessen, scratches, swirl marks, etc. that can occur from improper washing techniques, car keys, tree branches, etc.

When is a paint correction needed?

A paint correction is needed when you need to remove or reduce paint defects like swirls caused by drive-thru machine car washes. A paint correction will restore your car's showroom shine.

How does a paint correction work?

Before any paint correction, your car must be properly prepped. The paint must be washed and decontaminated with a clay bar. Paint defects are reduces / removed using professional pads, abrasives, machines, and techniques.

Paint Correction
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Paint correction is a long process that not many detailers have mastered. You will find ones that say they provide car paint correction services but haven’t taken enough time to recognize and perfect this craft. A thick layer of wax can occasionally be a fast, but momentary fix. The correct and professional way to bring back your car to its brand-new state is through one of our paint correction near me services or with a ceramic covering service from Deporter Detailing. Paint correction is a service suggested for brand new vehicles also! New doesn’t imply perfect. Imperfections in brand new factory color and small swirling from poor dealership washing are common defects that could be dealt with by a gentle machine polish. The latest automobile is usually brought to a “better compared to new” condition.

Scratches, oxidation, and swirls can leave your car’s color finish looking uneven and dull. Fortunately, car detailers have a couple of choices for auto paint correction near me. For instance, polishing and waxing are reserved for paint that’s in good shape and could assist with treating small blemishes. If the paint has significant problems, you may have to choose the more extensive service of a paint correction near me. Car paint correction begins with a high-pressure spray with a foam car wash soap and a clay bar treatment. This eliminates the dirt, pollutants, and grime from the vehicle’s color. After this, the color is “cut.” Essentially, this means an aggressive compound (a slicing compound) is used to the outside of the automobile.

Paint Correction Packages

Choose the package that best suits your needs. If you only want a little bit of defects removed start with our paint enhancement.
We strongly recommend getting a Ceramic Coating if you are going to invest in this paint restoration service in order to seal the results

***Starting at $300.00***

***Starting at $500.00***

***Starting at $750.00***

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Using various processes, pads, and polishes as every automobile differs, we use proper, modern, and safe polishing practices. This is what separates us as a real professional from the others. Car paint correction is an art form discovered over the years, which is perfected by very few. Because it is tough to quote a real paint correction cost (with no inspection), we can talk about the automobile’s particular requirements and offer a service that will be best for the automobile. There is no standard paint correction cost. Although still a boutique program, car paint correction continues to grow in popularity due to its power to revive and revitalize shine, lustre, and your automobile’s color without using paint. Rather than using a new level of base coat, clear-coat, and primer, paint correction specialists remove imperfections like swirl marks, scratches, and marring from the present clear coat of your car. When combined collectively, these defects can decrease the light reflectivity of your paint, and thus, decreasing its glory and shine. Before any kind of auto paint correction near me tasks, we, at Deporter Detailing tackle an extensive alkaline wash and decontamination of the paint to guarantee that all bonded contaminant is eliminated before any aggressive agent is created on the color. Here at Deporter Detailing, our wish to bring the true glory to your paint drives us to seek the newest paint refinement techniques and solutions continuously, bringing more choices and more remarkable preservation of your OEM surfaces.