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Mobile vehicle preservation specialist located out of Hanover, PA. Serving Adams County and surrounding areas.

My Mission:

I serve every customer like they deserve. I live by the Golden Rule and want nothing but the best for you and your vehicle. When you come to DePorter Detailing, you know we have your best interest in mind. Our goal is to exceed your expectations every time. we treat every vehicle like it’s our own and when you leave you’ll be wanting more from DePorter Detailing.


My Vision:

We envision detailing making our community a better place. We are more than a clean car, we are a clean-hearted community for the good of the people in the community. DePorter Detailing was established to provide the convenience for our clients of having a professional detail anywhere they are. Our freedom is your freedom. As the more free we are, the better and more convenient service we provide our customers.

Quality Statement:

Our customer’s satisfaction is our number one goal. we keep you in mind and deliver a quality service from start to finish. We make sure we leave every customer with a smile on their face know that DePorter Detailing delivered.