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What Is A Polish?

What Is A Polish?

“What is a polish?” is a question many people have, and today we will go over what it is and what it does. 

First, what is a polish? A polish is the product that is used when doing paint correction, or when “buffing” a vehicle. It is the least aggressive step in paint correction, so it does not remove scratches. The most common and confusing problem many of my clients face is they don’t understand the terms and lingo that detailers use when they throw out the words one step, two step, multi step, etc. during the sales conversation or on their social media posts. Our goal is to simplify this so you know as the buyer, what you are paying for. 

The polish step is the final step of a paint correction, or a maintenance step for a vehicle that is already well cared for. It is the least aggressive step of paint correction and is used to remove the haze from a heavy correction with a compound, which we will discuss in the next article, and it also enhances the gloss and shine of the paint. You can think of it like a pedicure for your paint, where an unpolished and neglected vehicle is like someone’s hands who are hard and rough looking and feel rough as well, versus a well-maintained hand where it is smooth and has a nice glow and shine to it almost. The same goes for your vehicle. 

A polish is a maintenance step that is performed on a well maintained vehicle to leave it looking shiny and glossy like it came off of the showroom floor. It will keep your vehicle in it’s best shape which will increase its trade in or resale value! 

Now if you’re thinking, oh no, my vehicle looks and feels like those rough neglected hands, no worry! This is where a compound step comes into play, which will be discussed in the next article. A compound step is a bit more aggressive, think of it like a deep exfoliation of your hands, feet or skin to remove the deep stuff.