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The Truth About Ceramic Coatings

The Truth About Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic coatings have been around for a while, longer than many people think. They have actually been around for around 10 years. Now ceramic coatings are growing in popularity, with more companies marketing their products and using the word “ceramic” for their products. There is a common problem of consumers being misinformed and misleading ads. These ads make things simple for the consumer to understand, but lead them down a path where they have false expectations based on these marketing tactics. This feeds consumers false information and today I am going to give the truth of what a ceramic coating does and does not do.

I am sure that you may have seen the ads where a car gets hit with a shopping cart, lit on fire, or otherwise damaged to a point where it seems impossible to fix, but then it wipes off with no issues. This is where these mis-representations and false expectations are formed. These ads make coatings seem like a silver bullet and some kind of impenetrable barrier. This is simply not true and we are going to dig into what a coating truly does.

Looking at the features and the benefits of coatings, we can see what they are designed to do. A coating provides a hardened layer of protection. It is designed as a sacrificial layer, and these ads mentioned above demonstrate this specific benefit of being a sacrificial layer. Does this mean that it leaves the surface scratch free? No! However, when the vehicle is hit by a shopping cart, lit on fire, or damaged the coating itself takes the damage. Therefore, the first benefit of a coating is improved protection of your paint’s clear coat with this sacrificial layer.

One of the biggest features and benefits is a vehicle’s ability to self-clean once a coating is applied to it. The car stays cleaner for longer because of this ability which is achieved through increased hydrophobics and chemical resistance. Your vehicle’s paint usually gets caked with every day driving by the environmental contaminants, which cause it to get dirtier faster. A coating provides resistance to these contaminants. When a coating gets wet, commonly through rain, they have some self-cleaning abilities. However, this does not mean that it never has to be washed again. It makes it easier to wash when a coating has been applied.

Now I am sure you are wondering why you should get a ceramic coating and from who from? I think we can agree that everyone wants the truth, and I am here to tell you from my personal experience that a coated car is far easier to wash than an uncoated vehicle. They also provide an additional layer of protection should any mishap occur. They act as a sacrificial layer which allow for these mishaps to cost you less money as they are usually easier to fix. They provide additional protection from environmental contaminants such as acid rain and pollutants, bird bombs, corrosive materials, and resist heavy solvents. They increase the paint’s gloss and appearance like no wax could achieve! They are not designed to be applied and then left to maintain themselves, but they are designed so that maintenance takes less time and is easier while creating a long-term layer of protection.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of a ceramic coating then you can reach out to us (article coming soon!). If you are wondering how much one costs, you can also shoot us a message and we can put together a custom estimate based on your vehicle and your needs! We love applying coatings and leaving our customers with the true benefits.

Thank you for reading!

Wesley DePorter

DePorter Detailing LLC